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If you are seeking for an engagement ring that stands out from the rest, cushion slice engagement rings are a excellent alternative. They are an older design of diamond that has been creating a huge comeback among couples seeking for a modify from the conventional round design diamond located in most engagement rings. Very long located only as antiques, these traditional diamonds are now becoming supplied by far more and far more retailers.

Cushion slice diamonds are so named due to the fact their form resembles a cushion…square with rounded corners. They are also referred to as pillow slice diamonds or candlelight diamonds, due to the fact they have been made before the use of electric lights. It is a frequently described as a cross amongst a modern day oval slice diamond, and an antique Previous Mine slice. Previous Mine slice diamonds have a deep slice and large aspects, and have been really widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

On regular, this diamond has sixty aspects, but there is no a person way of styling this slice of diamond. Cushion slice diamonds are located in a range of designs, from pretty much full squares to long rectangles. The depth portion and tables for these diamonds also fluctuate broadly. The traditional form, on the other hand, is a duration to width ratio of amongst 1.25-1.thirty. They are typically graded as Excellent, Incredibly Excellent or Ideal. Excellent graded cushion cuts are the most low-cost.